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“CT efficiently tracks our commissions and provides easily accessible key data for commission payments. Customer support is superlative -- fast, responsive, and gets us on back on track when we have a questions. It is a bug-free product that easily updates and requires little time to manage.

Dena MacMynowski

Finance & Marketing Analyst

Premier Benefits Insurance Services

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National Healthcare Access Inc.

I would recommend Commission Tracker to any employee benefits broker. We have over 20 sales reps accross the country and for the past four years we have lived up to their expectations with commission report delivery thanks to Commission Tracker!


Michael Caparso

VP National Healthcare Access Inc.

Council Services Plus

The support staff is extremely responsive and helpful. And the programming staff is constantly coming up with new and excellent features and enhancements. So, if you are looking for a competent, dependable, user friendly, affordable software to track your insurance sales and commission activity, COMMISSION TRACKER GETS INSURANCE LIKE NO ONE ELSE DOES!!!


Judie Van Avery


True North Insurance Agency, Inc.

Commission Tracker is user friendly and easy to learn. The training process for new users has been made simpler by the ease of use of the system.

The reports in Commission Tracker give the user alot of flexibility. A big pro for us has been the ability to have reports customized for us. This has made it possible for us to maximize our return on the product.


Kim Shepard


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